Q: Can I rent month-to-month?
A: Your contract with us is on a month-to-month agreement . We do require 10 days written notice prior to you vacating.

Q: Do you provide a lock for the storage space? Does anyone else have a key?
A: You can bring a lock or purchase a new lock at the storage facility. No one else will have a key to your lock.

Q: What size space will I need?
A: How much space you will need depends on what you are storing and how it is stored. Please refer to the Storage Solutions for a list of options.

Q: Do I need insurance?
A: We do not require that you have insurance but we do recommend that you purchase insurance.

Q: What type of security do you have?
A: We have 24 hour surveillance in our office and throughout the property.

Q: Do you have any specials?
A: Specials vary by location. Please contact the location closest to you. We also have a coupon that you can clip from the website and take in for an additional savings.

Truck Rental

Q: What will I need in order to rent a truck?
A: If a truck is reserved over the phone we require a valid driverą¬©cense and a major credit card for the reservation. If you are reserving in person, you may reserve with cash.

Q: Do I need a deposit to rent a truck?
A: We do require a deposit. The deposit is based on the size truck you are renting and your destination.

Q: Does the truck come with a hand truck and furniture pads?
A: A hand truck and furniture pads can be purchased separately at the time you make your reservation.

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